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Twin Flame Pumpkin Spice Latte Reading For Mars Retrograde

Are you ready for your Twin Flame Union Energy Reading Reveal? Simply choose which Pumpkin Spice Latte ingredient you are vibing the most with right now and scroll down for the card and channeled message based on the ingredient you pick.

Scroll down for your reading based on the PSL ingredient that resonates from the list:

Whipped Cream:

Surrender to the soft and supple love of your Twin Flame. This love is far more powerful than any negativity in your consciousness. Whatever could be holding you back from experiencing this tender love will dissolve easily as you practice self-love with the Mirror Exercise. Let the experience of falling ever more deeply in love be fluffy and light for you and your Twin Flame. There is nothing wrong with delighting in life and finding deep peace in your contentment with each loving step you take toward your heart's desire.

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It doesn't take much cinnamon to add sweetness, texture, and spice to whatever it get's sprinkled on and mixed with. Own your spiciness and recognize yourself for all the healing value you are giving intrinsically to your Union just through cultivating love within yourself. The love moving through you is enough to balance anything else that appears to get in the way, just observe the spikes and lows and allow love to center and ground you as Divine life flows through every facet of your beautiful being.

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You don't need to add anything to bring out the essence of you. Love yourself for who you are and have complete compassion for where you are at. Let yourself be humbled as your feet touch the earth and as you look around you, with complete devotion in your gaze, to the love you see everywhere. As you fully accept and appreciate the essentials, God can focus your attention on where to build up your foundation next and direct you through Divine signs and synchronicities that you receive from him.

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Let the aroma of Romance enrapture you to your very core. It's safe to surrender to this love, your Twin Flame and you are meant to live one life together. Let everything out of alignment with that truth fall away at God's pace for you; surrender to love at every seeming impasse and the way forward will always be revealed. You never have to act from a place outside of your true nature to get your good. You give and receive love always and Romantic love through God, yourself, and your Twin Flame is safe, natural, and meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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Recognize that your path is fully lit and all you must do is walk it day and night. There is no abandoning yourself, although you could experience that illusion if you choose to