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Twin Flames Oracle Card Reading: Week of August 7th 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"The moment in a story when this integration takes place is marked by the final bringing to light of 'that which has been hidden'; the release of the redeeming value from the shadows. This may be symbolized as the uncovering of a buried treasure, or the reaching of some long-pursued goal...The 'kingdom' or community which was in the shadows, threatened by egotism, has been brought back into the light and restored to itself. The elimination of the dark power by one individual has consequences felt by all."

-Christopher Booker, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories

This week is off to a transformative start with a Lunar Eclipse; the moon is in Aquarius and the sun is in Leo along with Mars and also the North node. This is a time for patterns that no longer serve you to be brought into the full light for release. This actually may not initially feel or look very pleasant, but you are engaging deeply with the truth of love that is shining forth from within -- detoxing away your blocks as gently as is divinely compassionate to accelerate the process of harmonizing with your one true love.

Mars is a very forward moving and action oriented planet. Its location at the North node is indicative of divine power grounding you into the vibration you find yourself ascending to when you surrender control and allow transformation to take place. The South Node with the moon reaches into the depths of where there has been hidden crap that along the way attempted to align into your reality, perhaps through another person trying to share their illusion with you. The truth is, none of those confining patterns of thought can hold you back from your divine desires because they are merely blocks that are being dissolved as they surface and become seen. Be compassionate with yourself and allow love into every corner and seemingly small place within. Say goodbye to any thought or feeling that is out of alignment with who you are choosing to become right now.

Archangel Michael reminds us that there is perfect logic to the unfolding of love's desires. If you have any limiting thoughts about being with your twin flame now is the time to really face what those blocks are and, if you are directed by a dream or other aspect of reality, consider the origin of this self-imposed limitation to allow a deep clearing within. Remember that when we blame others, we are really finding guilt within ourselves and guilt does not exist. No need to ever be controlled or seduced by "the blame game", just deeply respect yourself and act accordingly -- allow what no longer serves you to naturally fall away.

Find yourself relaxing into luscious eternally designed inner peace. This is where you truly live. It is from here that you can be a natural leader guiding collective consciousness with the love that blossoms within you! You can call upon Archangel Michael whenever reality feels energetically tangled or unnerving to help you see the divine order within you and all around you. You can also call in Faith, Archangel Michael's twin flame. If you start to feel a sense of difficulty when communicating or around forms of communication as Mercury shifts retrograde at the end of the week, relax into that deep peace -- you can always call in divinely directed guidance. Allow the pace of peace to inform the natural rhythm of your heart and structure your life from here.

You can also watch my video for this week's card reading below, where I talk about an additional card to support you right now and offer other guidance. I'm always here for you on your journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union, for extra support check out the services I offer. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful week!

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