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💞 Twin Flame New Moon Pick A Crystal Reading: Reveal The Love In Your Union

Choose Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, or Citrine to reveal the current vibe of your Twin Flame Union. The New Moon in Virgo is perfect for getting crystal clear on what steps you can put in place to manifest more of your true dreams this month. The harmonious trine between Venus and Jupiter serves as a reminder that when you choose love at your core dreams really do come true.


Lapis Lazuli

This choice indicates that you can relax into what your most loving inner visions are showing you right now about the truth of your Twin Flame Union. This stone is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and allowing your imagination to be fully lit with love will also help you develop your intuition and creativity. Being able to focus on a beautiful inner vision is a gift and highly magnetic to your Twin Flame since you vibe with one shared vision at your core.



You are vibing with your inner child and healing some deep issues regarding your childhood. Great work, keep going! This is opening your heart for your Twin Flame to experience a shared divine vibrational experience of childhood with you that feels aligned with your higher selves. It's an opportune time to go deeper with exploring activities that you enjoy and that encourage you to express yourself. Letting your inner voice be expressed helps to align your upper chakras and clear your Third Eye Chakra. Childhood healing creates more space within for your Twin Flame Union to continue to harmonize and blossom.



This attractive crystal radiates in tones of oranges and yellows, inviting you to fully claim the vibrant energy in your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. You are vibing into more intimacy within and discovering more of your personal power. True power is of love, and as you step into more love you naturally align with your Twin Flame and shed illusions of separation between you both. As a result, you and your Twin Flame are becoming even more appealing to one and other, and in divine truth, you're always perfectly attracted to your Twin Flame. This is the process of returning to your natural state, your home, where true love reigns supreme. Enjoy the process of being fully present, including in your physical space, and include any sensory experiences that support you in feeling good in your body and environment.


All products and services purchase through September 7th at midnight PST include a complimentary One Card Reading to celebrate the New Moon and Labor Day. No code is needed, simply purchase to claim. You can also subscribe to my free Romance Reading Newsletter and download Romance Coloring Pages for your Twin Flame journey. Also, check out the Free Course on Twin Flames Universe and when you sign up as a new client you can claim a Session with me for 50% off. The universe supports you and will provide you the resources you need to harmonize your Twin Flame Union into perfection.

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