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🔥🔥 Twin Flame Astrology & Crystal Reading For The Solstice & Great Conjunction.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

This week starts out with major energetic shifts and you can see proof of it in the sky: the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter creates a beautiful and bright spectacle and the Solstice marks either the longest or shortest day of the year, depending on your location.

This is a great time for self-reflection and feeling into how you want to structure your life from here on out. Allow what no longer is serving you to fall away completely, it will help you to fill that space with what truly matters to you on your Twin Flame path, instead.

Some astrologers mark the Great Conjunction as the preface to the Age of Aquarius, as Saturn and Jupiter meet before the first degree of the zodiac sign. However, the concept of the Age of Aquarius has to do with the precession of the Earth's axis, and according to the International Astronomical Union, the year of the Age of Aquarius will begin around 2600. Nonetheless, Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius are initiating a new direction for society and the notion of power to the people. One of the reasons that some astrologers see this as a movement toward the Aquarian Age is because it marks the beginning of Jupiter and Saturn, known sometimes as the Social Planets, meeting together in the Air Element for about the next 200 years. This is a time when it becomes easier to learn how to attract, rather than needing to "go out and get" what you need. It doesn't mean you necessarily work any less, including the inner work you do to harmonize with your Twin Flame, but it can become a lot easier to find ways to both have healthy boundaries and let more love into your life at the same time.

One reason this is true is that the collective consciousness is beginning to feel into and understand what it takes to live a purposeful, abundant, and romantically infused life with your one true love in a sustainable fashion. Knowing that you play a role in clearing the path for others, just purely by choosing love and doing your inner work, is a good reminder that simply by being - by loving - you are giving.

With the Solstice, the sun is also moving into Capricorn and this can bring greater awareness to appraising what is worth investing your assets into - whether energetic, financial, your time, or something else - and moving forward toward what you place value in with conviction.

There's never been a better time to go all-in on your Twin Flame journey, and if you already are, you'll find yourself on a whole new level of commitment, which frees you to be more romantic in ways that may be subtle but also build in energy, within your Union.

The card pulled for this energy reading is from Crystal Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue and it shines light on owning your personal value. It's important to remember, as you take some time to self-reflect, that you are created to be an asset in this world by the divine. You can either embrace that truth or hold on to an icky lie that you are something other than gleaming with sparkling authenticity in every cell of your being. As you clear away debris and polish the truth of you, your Twin Flame becomes magnetized to living together in your originally created state of Perfect Union. While magnetic attraction may or may not play out exactly how you imagine, it's important to have faith and surrender your control and expectations because the divine always has the perfect plan. Get out of your own way and allow the divine to love you through your Twin Flame in all of the ways you desire.

Don't expect to fall head over heels, and yet don't expect not to. Expect miracles when it comes to your life with your one true love and let everything unfold from this surrendered place. You can't write your true love story until you've lived it, although you can certainly help attract it by writing your Love List. If you've already written a Twin Flame Love list, this could be a great time to put the method into place for other areas of your life that you are looking to further carve out and polish.

In recognizing yourself as a precious gem, you can more easily recognize this truth in your Twin Flame, as well as others in your life. Or, to put it more simply: Namaste. It's important to also remember that no one is entitled to your greatness, and this tends to be the truest with those who refuse in some way to recognize themselves as worthy and valuable. Practice compassion, which is not separate from radical non-attachment so that you may shine on in any circumstance, whether it feels high or low.

You're welcome to book an Astrology Reading if you'd like to go deeper into self-discovery and your dynamics with your Twin Flame.

For more details about the energy of the Great Conjunction and Solstice, and how it pertains to your Twin Flame Ascension, read my guest blog post on Twin Flames Universe here. And you can also watch my latest reading on it, below.

Happy Holidays & Namaste!

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