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Twin Flame Communication 💘📞 Mercury in Leo ☿️♌ Reading ~ Be Spontaneous

Do you desire to feel like the romantic lead in your own love story? This is a good time to shine as you express yourself in the ways that come naturally to you. Mercury is in Leo from July 19th through August 4th, 2022.

There's a flow between creativity and communication when Mercury is in Leo. With other aspects, it's important to wear your crown with peace and joy instead of focusing on being dramatic. If you do find that the theater production of your life takes a plot twist, feel through all of your feelings with compassion, and don't worry about how it looks on the outside so much as the peace you are cultivating within. There's a difference between being unnecessarily dramatic and expressing how you feel. It's important to attune to your innate balance, where your creativity and self-expression shines. Sometimes this means stepping out of your comfort zone, or getting clear on the truth in your heart in unconventional ways. Let your inner world and outer steps be divinely guided and trust that you're supported in what love is calling your attention toward.

The card drawn for the current energy is Be Spontaneous from Nature's Whispers by Angela Hartfield. It's a reminder to not over-think and go with the flow in your heart. Leo does rule the heart, after all, and Mercury is about mental energy and thoughts. When you are able to balance your thoughts and feelings, letting the love in your heart guide you, you will easily become energetically closer with your true Twin Flame.

"He who created us yearns for our love. He wants us to give it spontaneously, without his asking. Our love is the one thing God does not possess, unless we choose to bestow it." - Yogananda

Is there something fun, light-hearted, and romantic that you've been thinking to do for a while? It's time to take yourself out, get out your paints, cook a nice meal, journal your feelings, whatever feels natural to do. You deserve to be treated like a King or Queen, and you'll attract more of that royal vibration into your reality by choosing to embrace it for you yourself. It's not about the amount of time or money you spend, but just about what feels good in your heart of hearts.

One way to attune to what feels most loving in each moment is to regularly check in with your inner child, especially when you feel a need for deep support and love. If any upsets arise, you can do the Mirror Exercise to resolve them.

Loving your entire self for all that you are and choosing to shine the light within you, including in how you communicate with all, is attractive to your Twin Flame and also will help you receive opportunities coming your way.

If you'd like to go deeper with clearing romantic blocks, you can schedule a Reading or Ascension Coaching for yourself, or order a Reading Report.

Speak and listen from the heart and keep on sparkling, Twin Flames!

Day Out of Time 7/25 ❤️‍🔥 Twin Flame Reading video:

This Energy Forecast article has been updated from its original 7/27/21 release.

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