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Twin Flame Astrology & Tarot Reading for The New Moon in Scorpio ~ Emotional Healing

This New Moon in Scorpio is a time to reflect on what is coming to the surface of your emotional waters and Twin Flame journey.

It can be intense when feelings, that are perhaps associated with specific memories, people, and places come out of nowhere, but the truth is they're indicating where you've been processing for a while now and are ready to release any anxiety or fear that is holding you back.

The best way to do this is by feeling through what comes up and loving yourself in the places where you need it - and may not realize or even resist self-love - the most. The best and most efficient spiritual tool for self-love healing and clearing your core blocks to being with your Twin Flame permanently is the Mirror Exercise.

When completing the Mirror Exercise, take special care to go all of the way through Step 4, so that you are able to love yourself completely, and reintegrate that part of you that was feeling left out back into your beautiful heart. This will help you ground your healing and inevitably help with your manifestation process.

There are so many perfect parts of you, complete treasures more valuable than the most precious gem, just waiting to be uncovered, loved, and restored within. If your Twin Flame is Mirroring an upset to you, understand that it is the divine inviting you into perfect harmony and Union within. As you do this, you will undoubtedly attract your Twin Flame into your life.

You can activate your innate gifts to call in more abundance and dissolve blocks to your romantic life with your Twin Flame in my upcoming 11/11: Twin Flame Love Activation Portal Workshop. It will also be recorded if you can't make it live or would like to re-watch. It's an excellent opportunity to embrace the 11/11 Twin Flame energy and you can find out more here.

The Tarot Card for this New Moon, from the Lover's Path Tarot, is the Princess of Cups. This card perfectly embodies the energy of this New Moon for your Twin Flame path, even depicting an almost-new moon on the card.

You can accept the divine grace that is carrying you through your deep healing at this time. The Princess of Cups, along with Uranus opposing the Moon and Mars also reminds you to tap into your intuition and clear anything that is blocking or disturbing your Third Eye Chakra.

You may get a wave of creative energy as you surrender to the grace and compassion that the universe is enveloping you with. Expressing yourself creatively, and finding your authentic self to share with consciousness is magnetizing to your Twin Flame, who desires to create a purposeful and abundant life with you.

It is nice to have a reminder of what you are manifesting in your reality, through the inner work of healing into your Twin Flame Union that you are doing.

Venus is on its way to moving into Capricorn, which will help direct your goals and finances as they relate to love and beauty in your life.

Investing in your Twin Flame journey isn't always easy, and it's not only about the financial investment. It's actually about you choosing to prioritize it within you, which can be scary because you are starting to say yes to grounding and realizing your life with your perfect partner - it is new territory and yet familiar because it is how you are created to be.

This is a good time to consider what your next step in your Life Purpose will be, as well, and take guided action toward this vision. As you choose to share your gifts, you'll receive inspired ideas and clarity on ways to share and connect with consciousness in contributing through your Soul Design that you and your Twin Flame share.

The most effective way to step into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and Life Purpose is through weekly Ascension Coaching paired with Jeff and Shaleia's Twin Flame work.

You find yourself growing and expanding in ways you barely thought possible, as well as able to navigate deep emotional terrain that has been blocking you from completely manifesting the life you know deep down is for you, the one that feels full of joy and love and honors your Union with your Twin Flame.

You can also schedule a Reading at any time with me or order a Reading Report to support you in clarity and healing into the truth of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and Soul Design.

This New Moon marks the beginning of a new manifestation cycle, and also the celebration of Diwali.

You can set the intentions for what it is you desire to see change and blossom in your life right now. Subscribe to receive exclusive Twin Flame Romance Readings, and mark your calendar for the 11/11 Twin Flame Love Activation Portal Workshop after registering.

This additional reading will shed light on another aspect of the New Moon for you. Subscribe to the Twin Flame psychic on YouTube for all of the latest Energy Forecasts and Twin Flame videos.

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