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Twin Flame Astrology For The New Moon In Scorpio

New Moons signify new beginnings and this New Moon in Scorpio is helping to guide you to where you can best place your focus at this time for your Twin Flame Ascension path. Mars has just gone direct in Aries, after having been retrograde for some time, this energy helps to light the path of Union through your Life Purpose work and build more forward-moving momentum.

Pay attention right now to the undercurrent of how things feel instead of trying to act on an idea if it feels heavy. Source energy naturally runs through you and sometimes it may logically sound good in part to move in one direction, but if you feel into it, you're actually being guided further surrender so that the fruits of your labor retain the flavor of that sweet surrender in them.

To further highlight the theme of new beginnings, it is Diwali and this time, with the Scorpio theme of going deep and working with what you've got, reminds you that light always trumps darkness and that light is all that there is in truth. Light can also be another way to say love or beauty, as somethings that are light-filled spiritually are dark physically and perfectly beautiful as so. A good example of this is how when you combine all colors of light, you get a white light, whereas when you combine all colors of physical paint pigment you get black.

Speaking of colors, it's a good time to put your creativity toward planning. Feel into where you've been restricting yourself from seeing the bigger picture and take inventory of the progress you've made lately to inform where you can best direct your energy. This should feel good and flowing, not forced. If something feels forced or heavy, it's time to regroup and tap into the feeling of purpose you had as a child. Even if you fantasized about something you would not consider doing today, there's still relevance there in the feeling. Cultivating an inner and outer environment for yourself to feel free to work and play and draw out these good feelings of purpose and sharing are going to help you with creating a stable foundation for yourself at this time.

Feeling good about your inner and outer reality is naturally going to draw your True Twin Flame nearer to you as you are choosing to place the divine in the center of your life by upholding a divine environment for yourself. This is showing the universe that you are choosing to care for what you already do have: yourself. Since you and your Twin Flame are one consciousness and made of the same soul blueprint, mastering yourself to the degree that is appropriate to find your personal balanced setpoint within is crucial to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, not to mention to living a peaceful life full of bliss.

Sometimes, on your Twin Flame Ascension path, you may find that some areas of your life undergo a rebalancing and restructuring as you get clearer on your heart's desires and your personal relationship with the divine. Do not be afraid or fret about how the outside looks, although it's important to ground and pay attention to your physical reality and what you are shown, it's the most important to honor your true feelings within. When you feel your vibration rising, nurture that and be grateful for the opportunity to attract more Heaven into your life and to be able to share it in a way that feels most appropriate when you tune into your heart. Raising your vibration generally comes hand in hand with more responsibility and commitment, yet also more freedom.

A truly purposeful life with your Twin Flame is a real pleasure and freeing, the responsibility involved is grounding, but not heavy. If there is a desire in your heart to serve in a way that you haven't fully claimed, take a moment to close your eyes and go within now, and claim your next step of meaningful purpose here at the center of your heart. This should feel good and satisfying; choose to listen to the divine's message however it may come, so that you can fully receive and integrate it into your life. Your desire and ability to be creative in your purpose and to expand in your Union are not separate, you are a Twin Flame and it is safe to fully embrace that as you move forward on the next step of your unique heavenly adventure.

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Enjoy your manifestation process during this New Moon!

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