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Twin Flame Ascension Journey November Reading 🧿 Romancing Yourself ❤️‍🔥

Happy Halloween! Pick what resonates most for how you desire to romance yourself right now, as November begins in Scorpio Season, and scroll down for your Twin Flame Card Reading Reveal:

Did you choose one? Great, let's see what your choice reveals to you at this time:

1: The message of trusting your own understanding, from the beautiful Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield, shows you that it's safe to trust your intuition at this time. If there is a matter you are being given perspective on, don't let ego try to intercept what you are seeing and feeling. Your Twin Flame love and life purpose story is perfect for YOU, it's not going to look like anyone else's. It's time to drop comparisons, and also surrender control on what you "should do" when you actually already see that what you are doing is enough. It's in realizing you are enough that wealth can spring forth and wealth comes in many forms.

Pull out of any drama games, whether in your own consciousness or in engaging with others, lead by being peaceful. Even if it looks like no one is watching, you might be surprised if you knew the power of your influence when you simply relax into being your true self and share what you are called to from that peaceful place in your heart.


2: The message of this card is all about the goodness of your heart chakra, and is from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade Sky. It's an easy-going message that encourages you to surrender even more deeply into the love and peace you have been cultivating in your life lately. It's also time to look at where you may be not honoring your true value, and make a new choice, even if it means putting your foot down, it's always worth it to respect yourself first. When you respect yourself, you are respecting the divine in you and your personal relationship with the divine is essential to continuing to harmonize your Twin Flame Union.

It's also time to claim that your heart is capable of completely maturing and that divine wisdom and maturation are extremely beautiful and even cool, you never need to try to hold on to your youth - your inner child is already one with you - or play power games in order to claim anything. Allowing the divine to come through you and finding your own authentic self-expression is enough for your Union and Ascension.


3: The message of this card, from Crystal Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue, is to release control from your reality at this time and allow in divine confidence in its place. No one has the power to co-create in your reality besides the divine and you, so there is no need to fear! You are loved now and in every instant, completely embraced by the sweet and loving arms of the divine. The image of someone being creative that went with your choice for number three also signifies that getting creative at this time can be a great activity for you to easily release control from your reality. I notice for myself that when I draw or paint, I become aware of being in the flow of peace on a whole new level. It doesn't just last in the moments you are creating something, you can access that peace at any time. Aligning to this peaceful state is highly magnetic to your True Twin Flame, so let that healthy creativity and self-expression flow! If you don't already, see if you can create a specific space for drawing, painting, journaling, playing music, etc. and if you already have a designated space, see how you can further beautify it at this time for yourself.

Originally Published October 31st, 2020

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Roy Andrews
Roy Andrews
12 sept 2021

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