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Setting Intentions for Scorpio Season On Your Twin Flame Journey

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Scorpio Season is here, and already there's a shift into exploring your inner truths and sharing what you find as a means of healing and aligning with peace. It's a great time for both inner work on your Twin Flame journey, and for communicating about your own inner-experience in ways that you feel called to.

Libra Season invited you into a more substantial inner foundation of trust. Now it is time to allow that self-trust to integrate and utilize it by deep diving into your inner-world. Your trust is like your oxygen tank, and it allows you to look at the depths of your inner ocean calmly and provides beyond just a stable experience, it is also sure to be fascinating and memorable. Just remember not to get caught up in getting fascinated about your past traumas and pain, these are places that are calling for healing and don't worry, you'll be even more fascinated with yourself as you heal. I bring this up because oftentimes there's a false belief that creativity is best fueled - at least partially - by pain. I really enjoy how that is debunked in this video on the subject by Jeff and Shaleia. As you access more of your creative center, you'll also feel more passion and sensuality in a healthy way. This is good news for your Twin Flame Union.

It's not about what is showing up on the outside and distracting yourself from completing the process of your inner exploration with the external. While balance is certainly called for, a part of learning to balance is also learning when to pay particular attention to what the divine is drawing you nearest to. Allowing your energy to go where it's being magnetized to within will naturally flow into your daily activities, you might even be surprised at some of the things you accomplish without even trying when you are in the flow.

During Scorpio Season, it's a good time to surrender and allowing things to become, sometimes suddenly, unstuck. There's a lot of this energy centered around the Taurus Blue Full Moon, so pay attention to inner shifts, and rather than feeling unstable, you can ground more deeply and simultaneously pay attention to what is presenting itself clearly within your intuitive center. Mercury will go direct a few days into November, and then Mars will be going direct November 13th, this will be a good time for making headway in your communications and life purpose that feels fresh, light, and easy.

And with Halloween around the corner, the same day as the Blue Moon, don't let issues of the past haunt you. Instead, you can utilize the Mirror Exercise rather than run away from what appears to be a problem. I can't tell you how many times I've done the Mirror Exercise and immediately experienced a change of tune in my reality. While you can't necessarily predict what will happen next on your Twin Flame journey, you can be sure that the self-love you cultivate will always pay you back exponentially in one way or another. So don't give up on your heart's desires, you are worth the effort required to see them fully revealed and experience them come-true in your reality.

If you do desire clarity and healing on your Twin Flame journey, I recommend treating yourself to your very own Cosmic Destiny Report. It will greatly benefit you in harmonizing your Union and life purpose through channeling, astrology, and even you and your Twin Flame's birth cards (knowns also as Destiny Cards). I created this report because it combines the most useful, potent, and juicy aspects of you and your Twin Flame dynamic to help you transform and clear blocks, plus you can reference it at any time for further insights and healing. Right now is a perfect time to claim it, before the price increases forever on November 1st. It truly is the perfect reading to gift yourself (or a friend) during Scorpio Season.

For structured support and consistent help with the Mirror Exercise and clearing blocks to your transformation, invest in your journey through coaching. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for Exclusive Readings and updates. Hint: I will have a special offer for the Halloween Blue Moon that I will only be dropping in my newsletter, so now is a great time to subscribe.

Enjoy your week and may Scorpio Season shed light on your path!

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