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Oracle Card Reading for the Week of July 17th

~This week may have started off a bit jumbled, with mixed emotions or a combination of feeling tired but also with the will to plan and move forward in a steady way. The collective of us who are choosing our harmonious twin flame union is gaining deeper clarity right now, so although things might feel a little uncomfortable, it is because we have a strong enough foundation to feel into where we can heal with momentum to keep us strongly footed on our path. There is no reason to blow doubts, uncomfortable feelings, or difficult emotions out of proportion. While it is important to feel and process whatever is coming up, it is also important to embrace any challenging patterns with the fountain of pure love that pours forth from our hearts. We do not need to judge ourselves, or our habits, nor psychoanalyze off beat thoughts, instead we can be present with ourselves and take these moments as an opportunity to love ourselves completely. It is from this place of wise and steady love that we are able to shed and dissolve what no longer serves us.

When we follow the breath we tend to go in one of two directions -- either we occupy ourselves with the feel of the breath or we simply observe it. If we just observe it we do not have to do anything with the activity of the breath itself. It is like watching the flow of a river. When we are able to do this we find ourselves almost in a state of meditation. This is the reason why we are sometimes advised simply to observe the breath: as we do this our mind quiets down. It is not easy, but it is marvelous.

--T. K. V. Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga

The King of Earth card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck comes as a reminder that as we shake off what we don't need, like a dog shaking off after a bath and then rolling around, we are able to revel in the opportunities that surround us. There is a nice balance of fun and peace as we surf through whatever is in our schedules. There are no challenges or hurtles to jump, there is only taking things as the moment arises and preparing ourselves for everyday life in whatever ways we are divinely guided to do. Out of this safe and peaceful love that we stay with and cultivate, healthy passion and success begin to blossom. Every moment is an opportunity to live fully and in our highest divine power, when we actively choose to do this, it is reflected to us in our twin flame unions.

The Moon moves from Taurus to Gemini, ruled by Mercury -- the planet most often associated with communication -- mid week and Mercury trines Saturn on Wednesday. This is a great time to speak confidently about your twin flame journey and share your story with others, or even to journal about your personal twin flame story as you see it right now. The more we open up ourselves, the more we can invite others to open up to us, and this is especially true for your divine counterpart; your twin flame. The King of Earth Card is also the last card of the deck, signaling achievement, dynamic self-expression, and new beginnings on the horizon~

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