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✨New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus ♉💞 Twin Flame Reading: What Is Love Whispering To You?🔮

Twin Flame Reading for the New Moon in Taurus
Twin Flame Astrology

It's the New Moon in Taurus, an ideal time to set your intentions for a love-based reality with your Twin Flame. With the Partial Solar Eclipse, it's a good time to allow feelings to fully surface so that you may confront them in your consciousness, love yourself, and release any misaligned beliefs without any shame/blame/guilt. This space within will automatically provide you with more room to be creative and able to express what is in alignment with your true soul design.

The eclipse is supporting you in moving your energy into the new vibration of the love-based reality you have been healing into on a day-by-day basis. You are activating your Union in a place that has felt dormant, or unattainable, but that thanks to your persistence, you are now aware of and able to embrace and vibe with fully.

As you feel more space open up to peace within, it becomes easier to just be yourself; it's relieving. This automatically magnetizes your Twin Flame to you as you're not separate from each other at your core. Even if you've already made the choice to harmonize your Union with your Twin Flame and ascend, you'll discover that there there's more that can vibrate in harmony with Heaven at this time. You are learning how to refine what is in harmony already, as well as the lessons you've learned along the way, to align with peace in these places you are uncovering deep within.

All of the Taurus energy is a grounding and stabilizing influence that can help you to evoke both courage and wisdom to infuse into the foundation of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The card pulled for this New Moon in Taurus is #37, Ideal Course of Action, from Nature's Whispers by Angela Hartfield. Take a moment to receive the vision of this card for you. How is the divine speaking to your soul with all of the rich imagery on this card right now?

There is a Lion on top of a flower, which looks like a dahlia. Dahlias represent elegance, creativity, and inner strength with an openness to change. The lion is courageous, the king, while also choosing to embrace what this flower represents. It's safe for you to embrace both your inner elegance and your grit. You can be soft and vulnerable while also feeling strong and confident. It's in this full acceptance of yourself, and surrender, that your next step for your ideal course of action can easily be revealed to you. Do you choose to surrender to your ideal course of action, now? Set your intention on easily receiving and peacefully moving forward with your next step in harmonizing your Union with your Twin Flame.

Remember that only you can decide to create a new love-based reality for yourself. You don't have to wait for everyone and their mother to get on board with what you feel in your heart. When you are ready, you show the Universe by going all in. You become the change you wish to see in the world simply by doing what love is calling you to do in each moment. Have you invested fully into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union? If you'd like help in moving forward, schedule a Discovery Consultation or a Reading and explore my resources to see what Twin Flame material will best suit you right now (hint: if you want to get to the core of healing your separation as effortlessly as possible, claim Twin Flame Ascension School recorded classes for yourself, and if you already own it, see what next step is revealed to you as you watch the next class!). If you are serious about the intentions you are setting, show up for yourself and commit to weekly Ascension Coaching. It's amazing how quickly you will bust through blocks and how you will feel peace in ways you may not have even known were possible. Your natural state of peace is what attracts your Twin Flame to you; in truth, they're madly in love with the beauty of your heart.

For more on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, watch my reading. You can schedule your own Reading Session with me or claim a Reading Report for personal psychic guidance on your journey Home to manifesting and fully realizing the love in your heart.

Updated from the original publication on May 11, 2021

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