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Harmonizing Energies: A Zodiac Guide to the New Moon in Virgo and Twin Flame Connection

The New Moon in Virgo on September 14th, 2023, signals a crucial moment for self-improvement and introspection, aspects that are vital for the journey of Twin Flames. This occurrence, coupled with Mercury resuming its direct path the following day, marks a period ripe for transformation. It's a time particularly beneficial for those seeking Twin Flame astrology readings or Ascension Coaching.

The new moon represents a time of new beginnings and opportunities. The influence of Virgo, an earth sign associated with organization and self-betterment, encourages physical and spiritual rejuvenation. However, it is crucial to approach this period with a balanced mindset as the Virgo out-of-balance tendency towards self-criticism can be counterproductive.

As Mercury, the ruling planet of both Virgo and Gemini, starts its direct motion again, it brings a sense of clarity to our daily routines and overall well-being. This shift is an excellent opportunity for self-care and reflection. Additionally, the opposition of the new moon in Virgo to retrograde Saturn and Neptune in Pisces helps us distinguish reality from illusion, aiding in making decisions that are helpful to growth and healing.

During this time, significant asteroid shifts also take place. The movement of Pallas into Libra encourages a balance between our needs and those of our partner, while Vesta's shift into Cancer prompts reflection on the emotional support we both give and receive. These shifts, along with the ongoing retrogrades, guide us towards healthier dynamics and reciprocal relationships.

This new moon holds particular importance as it is the last one before the eclipse season in October 2023, serving as a precursor to the changes that will unfold in the coming months. It is a crucial time for Twin Flames to seek guidance through astrology readings and Ascension Coaching.

As Mercury goes direct in Virgo on September 15th, it brings clarity to our thoughts and decisions, lifting the uncertainty that accompanies retrograde periods. Even with other planets still in retrograde, it feels more secure to move forward with our lives and romantic aspirations.

Moreover, the movement of asteroid Ceres into Scorpio sparks a desire for profound, soul-stirring connections. It serves as a reminder that love should ignite our souls rather than being a mere obligation.

Twin Flame Horoscope for the New Moon in Virgo.

Check out yours and your Twin Flame's, as well as your Rising Sign for added benefit:


Focus on self-care and wellness during this new moon. It's an ideal time to start a new fitness routine or adopt healthier lifestyle choices. Whether you are with your Twin Flame or not, this renewed energy will benefit your journey.


Organize your thoughts and set clear intentions for your relationship, even if you are not currently with your Twin Flame. Open communication about your needs and desires is key.


With Mercury, your ruling planet, going direct, expressing your feelings and thoughts will become easier. Use this clarity to have meaningful conversations, even if it's just with yourself, about your Twin Flame journey.


Create a balanced and supportive environment for yourself. Make an effort to understand your own needs and show yourself the same level of care and support you would give to your Twin Flame.


Set goals for your relationship or your personal journey during this new moon. Plan special activities that will bring you closer to your Twin Flame or help you understand yourself better.


Reflect on your personal growth and self-improvement during this new moon in your sign. Whether you are with your Twin Flame or not, becoming the best version of yourself will only strengthen your connection.


Find balance in your life during this time. Make an effort to spend quality time with your Twin Flame, if possible, but also make time for yourself and your personal interests.


The movement of Ceres into your sign encourages you to address any unresolved issues, whether they are related to your relationship or your personal journey. Open and honest communication is key.


Expand your horizons and try new things, whether with your Twin Flame or on your own. Planning an adventure or taking up a new hobby can be invigorating.


Build a solid foundation for your relationship or personal journey during this time. Discussing long-term goals and making plans for the future can be beneficial, even if it's just with yourself.


Focus on your emotional well-being during this new moon. Make an effort to understand and address any emotional baggage that may be affecting your journey.


Connect with your spiritual side and seek guidance for your journey during this time. Meditation or spiritual practices can help you gain clarity and strengthen your bond with your Twin Flame, even if you are not currently together.

Remember, the new moon in Virgo is a time for self-improvement, reflection, and setting new intentions. Approach this period with a balanced perspective and use it as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your Twin Flame connection, whether you are currently united with your Twin Flame or not.

For further guidance in your Astrology check out personal reading options here. Enjoy the new moon and new beginnings ✨️.

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