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❤️‍🔥 Grounding Your Twin Flame Union & Soul Design: Crystal Energy Reading

The Virgo Moon's grounding influence is helpful for sorting through the deepest of emotional attachments that may still be blocking progress in feeling the true ease and harmony of intimacy in your Twin Flame Union. One place you may have been previously blindsided to ego attachments is in deeper facets of your Life Purpose. Traditionally, you aren't generally taught to feel sustainably intimate and peaceful about your Life Purpose because those teaching you the A,B, C's of career and the pursuit of happiness may have left out one key factor: that loving yourself and feeling good leads you into your true abundance and life purpose. It doesn't mean don't work hard, or avoid challenges, but also your Life Purpose is meant to be an eternal thing that expands. So right now is an excellent time to ask yourself: If I'm honest, what do I desire my legacy to be? What are my gifts that I desire to share with the world and am I choosing to listen to when I am called to move forward in my life purpose?

Remember, that sometimes it's the small thing, or even the thing you feel called to complete but you aren't a hundred percent sure why that leads you into the next piece you need. I had an experience like that this week, I faced a lot of blocks in my own life purpose about how to go about going deeper with creative expression and manifestation. It's something I'm passionate about, like to geek out on, and I know it works, so naturally, I want to share this because to me it's gold. While you do have to surrender your expectations completely as you go, it's a healthy way to bridge your inner reality and "outer" reality (there isn't any separation, in truth, which is why the Mirror Exercise is so powerful and helps you if you're someone interested in the Law of Attraction).

As I followed my guidance, facing some technical issues along the way, and followed through with what I was offering, I began to wonder: why? But as I looked deeper, did the Mirror Exercise, and recognized my own insecurities about creative expression, I worked through my blocks as I was working and sharing on social media. And then, I got an offer for something related, but in a completely different and unexpected place. It wasn't directly through the audience I was engaging with, and it goes to show how we are all One Consciousness; I hope that my example inspires you to just share as you feel called to, even if you don't know how it's going to be received and/or how you're going to receive from sharing it. The more you share yourself, the more you realize you're sharing, to begin with, because it feels good and divine, and what you receive isn't the main reason your live your Purpose. But, the more you claim expressing yourself and sharing the gifts of your true Soul Design, the more you are bound to be supported because the universe does support both your Twin Flame Union and your Life Purpose, the only thing blocking that is something you can heal and align: your own thoughts and feelings.

Obsidian, drawn from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade Sky, a glass-like rock that comes from cooled lava, is a protective stone, that helps you root down and ground, and also helps your consciousness flow directly into the truth. Expressing yourself at this time from an authentic place, whether through your words, art, movement, etc. will help you access the truth and ground into it. There's nothing more stabilizing than the trust and confidence you feel when you reach unshakable truth in your consciousness about who you are, and your Soul Design. Living from this place naturally helps you to feel protected, because of the innate Union you continue to experience as choose to cultivate your life from an authentic and loving place within. Don't be afraid of how expansive your true feelings are, there is a lot to be expressed there, even if it's in a seemingly small way, like writing someone a note, or making a clay pot, when you're dancing with the divine in what you do, each step counts.

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