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Updated: Feb 4

The romantic tones of the month of February on your Twin Flame journey, steeped in the delights of celebrating Valentine’s Day, begins with the Lunar New Water Tiger Year and Aquarius New Moon, as well as the celebration that welcomes upcoming spring, Imbolc.

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There are a lot of new beginnings and fresh starts, and while it’s important to remain centered and realistic about what your life is showing you at the moment, it’s also important to simply love and romance yourself with what is right in front of you, now.

Romance is not outside of you and it’s not only available to you through your Twin Flame.

In fact, it is self-love, and the love connection you cultivate with a higher power, whether that’s the Divine, God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, or all of those terms for you - it’s the power behind what is magnetizing your Twin Flame to you. A phenomenal event is taking place, when your Twin Flame is loving you, and when you experience romance in your life in general. It’s not the scented candle, the cuddling with your Twin Flame, the enjoyment of a walk in your favorite park itself that is truly romantic, it is the power of divine love that is loving and romancing you in all of these ways that your heart is desiring.

This is proof that you are loved; you are divine.

If you are or have been experiencing a lack of love in any area of your life, which is natural to overcome as you continue the Twin Flame Ascension process to perfect Union, this month is perfect for honestly assessing where you are at and receiving exactly what will support you in moving forward as you remain present with your feelings.

Feeling your feelings is an absolute necessity on your Twin Flame journey.

Your Twin Flame is blocking you - where are you blocking your feelings? You’re Twin Flame is choosing someone/something else - where are you choosing something “more important” than feeling your feelings? The list of ways that this will get mirrored to you goes on, and the power to change is within you.

If you take mirroring too literally, you might miss out on an important hint as to what exactly it is you’re being called to focus on within and heal through with the Mirror Exercise. Just because your Twin Flame is choosing something, doesn’t mean that core choice always looks very outwardly similar. It can, but it doesn’t always until you can clearly feel into the pattern itself that is creating outward manifestations of separation. Remaining present, and not abandoning your healing for something “louder” in your reality is key, there is no real power in your reality that would or could ever rip you away from your peace.

The healing sacred geometry of these cards is resonate for this month and shows the themes that you will most likely encounter and work through, both collectively and individually in your own unique way.

There are also two Energy Portals this month, one at the beginning of the month on 2/2/2022, and the second, known as the Mega Portal, will be on 2/22/2022. Given the theme of 2, and the middle card being number 20, Forgiveness, there is extra emphasis on forgiving being the key to clearing blocks in your heart at this time.

These cards from the Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle by LON, are new to my collection and this is the first time I’m pulling from this deck for the collective. I love that the very first card that comes up is Romantic Love - how perfect and fitting for Valentine’s Day on your Twin Flame journey is that?

The frequency of Romantic Love, as depicted in the oracle card, is inviting you to access these feelings in your lower chakras and simply allow yourself to be a romantic being with your True Twin Flame, whether you are physically with them in the 3D at the moment or not. Nothing is preventing you from accessing romantic love right now.

The next two cards describe what you can do if you find yourself blocked in any way from attuning the frequency of romance. Forgiveness can do wonders for healing your heart, and when your heart is healed, it’s much easier to harmonize with your Twin Flame.

The last card is Tenderness and it’s a gentle reminder to love yourself even in your darkest hour. Sometimes, things aren’t going so well, either little by little or seemingly suddenly, all at once. You might be someone who is fairly transparent about what’s going on, or someone who puts on a show that everything is going well, or you might have all of your needs met and be with your Twin Flame, yet still hit places within that stir up challenging feelings and emotions to face.

With the influence of social media, as much as I do love and utilize it, it can be all too easy to spiritually bypass and attempt to live in the idealized life you’re sharing without looking at the full picture. But the whole picture of what is going on won’t hurt you, it’s always an invitation to tenderly love yourself and how far you’ve come from right where you are at right now - not where you would like to be if it’s somewhere outside of this moment.

With Aquarius Season, by the end of it in the last half of February, it will be easier to see the results of what you’ve been doing your inner work on. It’s easier to put all of the moving pieces together when you have a better vantage point of what your reality is showing you as a whole.

In the beginning of February, on the 3rd, all planets will be direct until April 29th, 2022. This will support more forward-moving momentum and where it’s felt like time’s been standing still, the pace will pick up. The balance of moving from retrograding energy into February - and especially March, once planets that were in retrograde move completely out of what is known as their shadow and forward from where they were before they began moving in retrograde - supports you in moving toward and manifesting your desires from a peaceful place within.

Continue attuning to what it is you desire, not what you don’t or are afraid of. In humbly moving through the good and bad feelings, while choosing love in your heart as the frequency you embody, you’ll naturally raise your vibration and attract the next natural steps to you on your Twin Flame and life purpose ascension journey.

A Channeled Reading for Aquarius Season from the Divine Masculine:

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Happy February!


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