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February Forecast: Your Ultimate Sun Sign Reading

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

This month certainly has a romantic theme to it, and about halfway through we'll get to experience the beginning of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. This should help us easily do some laps in the pool of our emotions, revisiting feelings we come to realize we hadn't fully processed and deepening stability in our communications regarding our emotions as a result. This can also help us in our Life Purpose; Mars enters Capricorn on the same day Mercury goes retrograde, February 16th. This can help us ground with conviction into the next stage of our Purpose as we are taught a few lessons in mastering our emotions and communicating our feelings to others in a productive way, at the same time. Just keep loving yourself, doing your inner work, and Mirror Exercising all the upsets that come up and find yourself ever more in love!

Below are readings for the month of February for all 12 zodiac signs. In addition to your Sun Sign, you can also watch the reading for your Twin Flame's Sun Sign, your Moon sign, and your Ascendent sign if you feel called to.

You can also explore my website for readings, coaching, channeled art, upcoming workshops, and more. Have a perfectly divine Valentine's Day and romantic February ahead!

Right now is a great time to treat yourself to a reading, all of which are 22% off through February 16th with code: love

Also, all coaching packages and sessions come with a complimentary Channeled Energy Drawing, through February 16th. My coaching is centered around the Mirror Exercise, and if you want to work creatively, through art, etc, I offer that as well in any of my sessions. Coaching sessions are for all ages child to adult.

Lastly, if you're ready to clear some serious sacral chakra blocks and go deeper with manifesting the life of your dreams with a visual love list, I invite you to my Creative Sparks Workshop on February 15th and 20th at 3pm ET, come to one session for $17 or both for only $30.

Enjoy your February Reading by scrolling to yours below:

You're always welcome to schedule a free consultation with me. May this month be the most romantic month you've ever experienced.

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