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💗 Energetic Rebalancing: Your Twin Flame Union Reading

As the stage is being set for a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th, and then the Great Conjunction about a week later, there is a lot to process energetically, from an astrology perspective, at this time within your Twin Flame Union as well as other areas of your life - especially your purpose and spiritual well-being.

It's important to remember that Source would never ask you to sacrifice a part of your well-being for another. If you are experiencing this in your reality, it is coming to the surface right now asking for you to bring love to this area of your life, release the entrenching patterns that are holding you back, and re-balance your energy. Sometimes, as you go to the core of who you are and find the inherent set points of your unique Soul Design, a rebalancing occurs where you find your baseline so that you can live from your natural foundation. If you've built up an area of your life based on a false understanding of your Soul Design, for instance, went after a career because it only partially resonates for you but you make a great deal of money doing it, and you realize you need to begin to pursue something more meaningful, a rebalance of some kind is likely to occur.

Perhaps it's around finances, resting, or even having it appear that you and your Twin Flame are even worse off, even though you feel in your heart you are moving in the right direction. Whatever patterns you've been, probably not completely aware of, running and hiding somewhere in your consciousness are going to pop up for you to release them as gracefully as possible. So don't worry if you make a move toward your passions, or go deeper with healing and it appears that you are now at some kind of a loss. If it persists, it's something to look at and recognize you need to go deeper with healing, utilizing the Mirror Exercise, however, if you've been for instance not sleeping enough for years and suddenly decide that you are going to take care of yourself, it would stand to reason that you may feel exhausted and need to sleep more than usual. Anywhere that you take from yourself, even in regards to your Twin Flame Union, to maintain a false sense of harmony, is going to have to fall away if you want the actual underlying peace and harmony that awaits you.

Life Purpose Class covers this topic and teaches you all about living your true purpose, it's helpful to understand how it works not only for your abundance and giving your gifts to the world, but also to fully attracting your Harmonious Twin Flame Union into your reality, and continuing the path to Perfect Union. A lot of the reason why is simply that it feels really good to live your true purpose and to be supported in doing so. This good feeling, peaceful feeling, and sometimes passionate, is also your relationship with Source. A meaningful and loving relationship with Source helps you to usher in deeper levels of Union with your True Twin Flame, both within, and as the Law of Attraction illustrates, it also is then attracted into your physical reality.

The card pulled to highlight the current energy for your Twin Flame path is from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield. It shows you that you don't need to look outward to relax into peace, but instead, look within, and you will easily find what is ready to be cleared away in order that your peace is fully experienced. It may be time to wrap things up in certain areas of your life and move on, or even just take care of the basics in your life in a place where you've either not been called to fully tie up loose ends or complete a task until now. It will feel good to just get to the root of mundane things right now that are calling your attention and get them in order. This goes as well for inwardly paying attention to any thought patterns stuck in a negative loop and healing there. You may also find that you have some vivid dreams or visions at this time to help you feel re-assured and heal in specific areas of your consciousness needed for your Twin Flame Union to evolve.

Know that you are created to evolve and be adaptable, if anything in your reality is shaky, you have the power to choose stability by going with the flow of peace and adapting yourself accordingly. Adapting doesn't mean "putting up with" it means showing up for where you are honestly at and taking it from there as Love guides you, without allowing fear or attack to guide you instead.

If you aren't sure which is which, keep loving yourself, and do your inner work. Investing in yourself through coaching is also recommended because the truth is everyone needs a guide and support to be able to navigate this journey successfully. You have nothing to lose by investing in your journey, but everything to gain. And let's face it, if you are reading this, it's because on some level you are at least curious, if not all-in, with what you feel to be the truth in your heart. You deserve to have all of that be your everyday life in your reality, and you truly can have it all. But, like anything else, it's not likely that you are going to read Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia once and have your perfect life all in place the next week. You have to apply what you learn and commit to it, like anything else in life, if you desire results.

Another fun and easy way to apply romance in your life is to visualize and get creative, it does help you with the manifestation process. That's why I'm offering Free Twin Flame Romance Coloring Pages right now, by simply signing up to my website, which also gets you exclusive Newsletter Romance Readings and offers. For more in-depth readings, including Astrology, Tarot, as well as Intuitively Channeled Art, gift yourself or a loved one clarity and guidance to help you heal during this Holiday Season.

Enjoy the momentum of healing energy leading us up to the Eclipse! For more on the current energy, watch my latest Twin Flame Union Reading:

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