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💘 Eclipse Vibes: Twin Flame Astrology & Crystal Reading ~ Week of 5/24/21

Eclipse energy is powerful and it's a wonderful opportunity to shed light on where transformation is calling to you on your Twin Flame Ascension journey. Not only is there a Lunar Eclipse and Sagittarius Full Moon on May 26th, Saturn also just went retrograde in Aquarius and Mercury will go retrograde on May 29th in Gemini.

With Saturn having just gone retrograde, it's a good time to redefine rules and pull apart long-term goals that you've set for yourself to see what is working and what is calling for healing and realignment. It may feel like you are creating your own rules and simultaneously going back to the basics/tradtional way of doing things, especially when you find yourself in situations where there's not a clear protocol - call in the divine, and trust your guidance. This shift of energy is a wonderful time to grow and expand your roots in your Life Purpose work, and as you do this you may experience upheaval. That's a natural part of the process and it's safe to embrace the balance you are moving into.

The Eclipse and placement of Sagittarius's ruler, Jupiter, which recently entered Pisces, indicates that the true desires underlying your dreams and visions that you are building toward will become clearer at this time. You'll more easily see what your "lowest hanging fruit" is as well as what to surrender, or put aside, for now. Putting something aside and surrendering does not mean ignoring it or giving up on it, it's a matter of trusting that divine order is at play and that you'll receive your cue and guidance in an obvious way when it's appropriate for you to move forward. In the meantime, some of your visions may develop in unexpected and beautiful ways, it's safe to release control and have your Twin Flame and Life Purpose journey revealed to you one step at a time, on a whole new level of ascension.

Full Moons are a time of blooming and fruiting, it's the perfect time to take inventory of what you've recently manifested in your life and you can always ask yourself "did I manifest what's in front of me correctly, does this align with my true desires?" This lesson can be learned completely through Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia, and can be an important step in moving forward because you're so powerful that you're always manifesting something. Sometimes it's appropriate to pass up opportunities, or if there's not an immediate call, to sit with it, and other times it's just the perfect fit for your next step and when it is, it's appropriate to take action. Your attention is extremely valuable, so get clear on where Source is truly calling your attention, both within and in relationship to your environment and others. You'll always feel best when you put the divine first, then yourself, then your Twin Flame, and after that comes everyone else. This is the best way to love your reality completely and to magnetize your Twin Flame, as well as abundance and opportunities for your soul's purpose.

The crystal reflecting the current themes you are working with is Cinnabar and this card is from the Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky. Cinnabar is associated with the Sacral Chakra and Jupiter is also associated with the Sacral Chakra. It's a bright and expansive energy that can feel raw and creative, which will take you where you desire to go at this time.

This crystal highlights your Life Purpose at this time and how it's safe to listen to guidance, both from Source within and from other people when divine direction comes through them. A good way to tell when you are receiving divine guidance is to feel into if it aligns with the peace within you at your core or not. Sometimes guidance is nuanced and other times more general - it's important to recognize the value of any aligned guidance and receive it so that you can be helped and continue to flow in the direction of your desires.

Living a life full of meaning and purpose is extremely attractive to your Twin Flame and this crystal also reminds you to open to more intimacy within and release control to how that plays out with you and your Twin Flame. Source always has the perfect plan, you don't need to control your reality, but simply create in it with love and purity of heart. When you do this, your life story turns into a juicy novel not full of drama, but of the highest love and greatest abundance as you are supported in serving and creating your piece of Heaven on Earth for all with your beloved Twin Flame.

Learn more about your purpose and steps you can take at this time by scheduling a Reading Session or ordering a Reading Report. Let your creative expression out by subscribing and downloading my Free Twin Flame Romance Mini-Coloring Book.

💝 Enjoy the transformative energy this week and continue to cultivate only love in your reality!

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