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Moon Phase Energy Reading

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Next to each part of the moon cycle, there are some key elements that are generally associated with each phase of the moon. I find it interesting to understand the cycle of the moon by relating it to a plant's stages of growth, the daily cycle, and the seasons. There is also a short channeled reading for you and I hope it resonates! If you know your Twin Flame's birthday you can look up there's as well for some extra insight in how to best support your Harmonious Union right now in the peaceful place in your heart.

New Moon ~ Nigredo ~ Germination

Associated with Winter and midnight

Bring a creative spark to the darkest, and most unexplored places in your soul. These are the places calling out for your complete love the most.

Waxing Cresent ~ Sprouts & Shoots

Do not side step the small ideas that are coming to you right now. You don't need to hover over them, but nurture them and allow them to grow at their own pace within your consciousness.

Waxing 1st Quarter ~ Albedo ~ Branches

Associated with Spring and sunrise

What feels juicy on your horizon? Don't turn to look the other way, just because the sun is bright. enjoy what is brought to light as you allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to live your boldest dream in for all the world to see.

Waxing Gibbious ~ Leaves & Buds

Go to the places that are feeling shy within your consciousness and gently attend to them. What do feel being activated in these places as you do this? Allow yourself to deeply enjoy the beauty that you feel and choose to share it; it is safe to be seen.

Full ~ Rubedo ~ Blossoms & Fruits

Associated with Summer and mid-day

Get comfortable with God starring at you, loving you, rejoicing in your true nature. If there is a place inside where you're not open to this constant connection, then it's time to make a new choice. It is safe to shine brightly with your whole self.

Waning Gibbious ~ Nuts and Seeds

If something doesn't look so pretty on the outside yet, don't discard it without first feeling the value of it in your heart. Be discerning, but also be open to richness where you expected little or nothing at all. Be willing to work where you are called to by God, whether or not it looks glamorous at the moment, it's still worth your complete pursuit.

Waning 3rd Quarter ~ Citrinitas ~ Bark

Associated with Fall and sunset

It's time to ground down and feel the fullness of experience that your physicality allows you to have. Your body is not a limitation; it is a blessing. It is safe to feel sensuous in your own skin.

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Waning Cresent ~ Roots

Surrender to receiving the true nourishment that your soul craves. It is time to stop cutting yourself off of the complete flow of abundance that God desires for you to receive so that you can, in turn, GIVE more. Allow yourself to feel good in all areas of your colorful life.

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Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

-Jeff & Shaleia

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