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Astro Sun Sign + TF Sign Reveal

See the whole video find out what message I have for both you and your Twin Flame at this time regarding your Sun Signs. If you identify strongly with your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, or a particular Stellium in your chart, you can take that particular message into consideration too. Even if you have no idea what a Rising Sign is (or if you have your whole TF's chart memorized already, or anything in between) you'll enjoy my Cosmic Destiny Readings here.

You can also attend one of my in-depth online workshops here.

Lastly use code love50 to book your first coaching session with me (new clients only please, good for one time use off of a single session) here.

Also, as promised I've included pictures of each card below with the signs listed underneath that match up with each card drawn.

Top Row: Libra = Play, Aquarius = Clarity, Gemini = Universal Light

2nd Row: Sagittarius = Eight of Earth, Leo = Life Experience, Aries = The Sun

3rd Row Left to Right: Capricorn = Amethyst, Taurus = Rose Quartz, Virgo = Zincite

Bottom Row Left to Right: Cancer = Intuition, Scorpio = Be in Service, Pisces = Renewal of Peace

Feel free to comment or fill out the form to get in touch with any questions or personal experience from the reading. And enjoy the Leo Sunshine!

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