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Pluto Goes Direct! Weekly Twin Flames Love Forecast for Sept 25th 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"There he begins by citing from a British schoolbook the declaration that when a person calls a waterfall sublime he is making a remark not about the waterfall at all but only about his own feelings. What the authors of this schoolbook are doing, says Lewis, is implanting in the minds of children the idea that all value judgements are subjective and dependent on the accidental factors such as mood or occasion and that there is no more accurate procedure than this. There is really no such thing as a yardstick by which to measure a waterfall or anything else. Such response as one gives is simply relative to the person and the occasion.

Quite contrary to the textbook makers, Lewis holds to what he calls the doctrine of objective value, i.e., "the belief that certain attitudes are really true, and others really false, to the kind of thing the universe is and the kind of things we are" He gives this example: it is a fact that children are delightful even though he himself does not enjoy the society of small children. When Lewis measures his attitude by the objective value rather than by a psychological response varying according to the mood and the occasion, he is able to recognize it as a defect and to acknowledge that life still demands of him a certain response whether he happens to make it or not. Attitudes, he told his university audience, can be judged reasonable or unreasonable as they conform or fail to conform to Reason."

-Clyde S. Kilby, A Well of Wonder: Essays on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Inklings

This is probably the longest quote I've ever used in my blog, but I really liked the whole thing because it helps you tune into something C.S. Lewis understood about the Godliness within. When our attitudes are in alignment with truth, reason prevails easily. You can try to argue otherwise, make excuses for having a shitty attitude and betraying yourself, but at the end of the day what you have that is yours is your relationship with yourself and Divinity.

This is a great time to heal any tendencies you have to slip into an enticing "bad attitude." Ever heard your parent or a teacher say "You need to change your attitude...!" How did that make you feel? Were your feelings acknowledged and did that really help, or did it just make you feel worse and forced to switch into fake mode? For me it was the latter, always holding a grudge and learning to smile when I didn't really want to. However, a fake good attitude is not a good attitude at all, it is based on a lie and separation. So you may need to acknowledge from a balanced place within (Libra Sun!) why it is you feel like holding onto this belief or attitude that is bringing you down. Could be how you feel when you think about your Twin Flame, could be how you feel at work...pick the upset that you most obviously have a bad attitude towards and choose to change that now. This might look quite different from how you were taught to heal a bad attitude, as you'll want to feel the feeling all the way and mirror the separated part of you back into your heart space with love. Look for clues from last week and going into next as to where you can bring more joy to previously shut down places within, let light flood on in there and feel yourself shine bright.

This week started out with the Moon in Sagittarius, then it moved to Capricorn on Wednesday and ends in Aquarius by the end of the week. There might be some shaky shit that happened at the beginning of the week, I know for me personally I saw more violence unfold before my eyes from Sunday to Monday than I had in a long time. Remember that you aren't living in illusion and that in loving yourself fully, you automatically help others to recognize this divine ability within to heal themselves as well. We do desire to ascend the planet and fully embracing your own power is high vibe for everyone and also in alignment with Harmonious Union consciousness. Mid to end week you might feel a big pull magnetizing you toward transformative life work, your soul's design is prominent right now and asks for attention and tending to. Pluto has gone direct people. Wow. In Capricorn, along with the moon! It went retrograde on April 20th...can you believe how many months ago that was?! Anyway, think about what your perspective on your life's purpose looked like then and what it looks like now. Allow yourself to go deeper and feel stable in moving forward into the unknown. Much creativity awaits you as you agree to follow your heart's path to beautiful and abundant places.

Understanding you're eternal youth can really help you to expand time, if you feel an upset, upheaval, or caught in the habitual rhythm of getting things done in a whirlwind, you can call on Archangel Metatron to help you recognize where you are in the eternal order of things. You are all love and there is no need to feel resentful or pained by anything you are falling short in. Where you are at is absolutely perfect. Find a beautiful moment this week, perhaps in nature, or whatever you wish and sharpen your focus on the now. Let the past and future melt away as you experience the bliss in your spectacular moment. From here you can build a foundation to recognize that every moment holds the truth of this bliss.

This is a great time to heal your vibration around money and how you interact with the material world. If you aren't where you feel you could be with finances or other aspects of physical abundance in your life right now, first recognize what you do have and really allow that to sink in; what you have right now that is yours is probably more than you are fully recognizing and claiming. If you aren't claiming what you already have, why do you need more? Perhaps it is time to beautify that extra space that you have in your backyard, acknowledge the money you've saved up as having power, recognize the credit available to you and how you can leverage it, whatever it is, give back to yourself by loving the treasure that surrounds you. Surrender to it, and notice if you energetically feel expansion in your heart space, solar plexus, or get any insightful visualizations.

Part of transforming your higher purpose is transforming your views of money. When the ego attempts to grasp on to money and your finances, it doesn't feel so pleasant, whether you have a lot or nothing at all. So wherever you are at is divinely orchestrated for you to heal and harmonize your desires so that you can vibe to that inner space of abundance. There may be some familial patterns attached to your previous attitude toward money that are ready to be fully released. When you heal this within, it helps the collective at large to give and receive money from a more authentic place and so don't be shy about your most sparkling dreams and desires for yourself and your Twin Flame.

True partnership are always based on love, so recognize any opportunities that feel clear and at your core as a reflection of your stable love in your Twin Flame union. Even if you aren't in union physically yet, you'll be ever more attracting to you people and opportunities leading you that way when you choose to listen to the peaceful voice of God -- perhaps coming through a fellow brother or sister. You may not see it directly, but your Twin Flame is partnering with you at the core when you choose to weave your dreams into your reality at every opportunity and juncture divinely presented to you. Move through fear and keep your eyes both on what is lit up as you walk on your path and what attracts you far out into the horizon.

Stay tuned for the Aries Full Moon Forecast next week!

My Twin Flame Oracle Card & Astrology video below provides further details and insight into this week's reading ~ Enjoy:

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