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Equinox Twin Flame Love Reading: Week of September 18th, 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"My classroom was a vegetable garden. I'd like to say that I was smart enough at the time to deliberately choose this classroom, but I didn't have a clue about what I was doing. I only knew I was to do it. I had been gardening for three years prior to entering the classroom. In those three years, I had shifted my approach from traditional gardening complete with chemical pesticides to organic gardening methods. It was my frustration about the plethora of advice one receives just to do one simple task in organic gardening that convinced me, once I read the two Findhorn books, that what we really needed to do was ignore everyone's advice and ask nature directly about what to do. Consequently, once I read those two books, my attention immediately turned to my vegetable garden. And this is how the first co-creative science classroom was chosen. Luckily, it could not have been a better choice. I feel certain that I was able to rivet my focus on the garden so easily because nature was also 'pushing' me in that direction. It was a perfect co-creative science classroom."

-Machaelle Small Wright, Co-Creative Science

What are you naturally being "pushed" into right now? There is a lot of stability available right now with all the Virgo influence early this week, so we might find ourselves facing deeper challenges than we are used to as of late. Maybe something unexpected arrives in our awareness to help us shine light out of those places we believed we could never heal. This is activated thanks to a Chiron and Virgo New Moon opposition in addition to Saturn squaring them both, which will tighten to perfection on on November 2nd.

You're Twin Flame desires to love the real you, and if you are hiding, numbing out, or simply not shining bright from the real you, it is more challenging to access the vibration of harmonious union. So God compassionately asks us and reveals to us where to focus our attention at this time so that we may be more clear in stepping into the power of the Divine love that makes up everything that you truly are.

"Where do I go from here?" a part of you might be asking in the beginning of the week. By the end the wisdom will sink in and open you up to more deeply embracing yourself, your body, your mind, and your heart all as one. Virgo can be very body conscious and this is a great time to enliven those parts of you that are feeling stagnant -- the focus may be directly on your physical body and/or on your energy body and what it is calling you to nurture within. It is important to keep it creative and playful; discipline, organization, and order make the most sense when co-creativeness with the Divine is infused into every choice and subsequent action.

The New Moon is in Virgo, moving into Libra, and then into Scorpio at the end of the week. We are being provided a grounded foundation to assess what feels balanced to us right now, and then being called to dive deep into how to achieve a greater sense of peace, love, and clarity. We may find that our creativity is very sparked this week, although we might not take a lot of outward action to create a masterpiece. This is perfectly fine, trust the process and the progress right now. Look at the moment you are in right now and understand that it is the most compassionate experience for your soul and that you are supported in eternally accessing your divine relationship with your mother and father God.

Do not shy away from your greatness because you feel flawed, tired, not quite there yet, or whatever. You are a part of the divinely ordered Heaven and you are everything. If you can imagine, your Twin Flame is equally heavenly and everything as well. Do not wait until you have more time, your Twin Flame in your arms, more money, or whatever to spin a life of golden joy. Time is of the essence in that the essence of time will only do you any good in this very moment and each moment as it unfolds within you.

The Equinox is Friday and we move from Virgo to Libra, interestingly, the Moon Cycle this week mimics this; so, we have a double sense of orderliness around earthly matters, with a very fair and balanced way to lovingly assess ourselves and make positive choices in change. In Chinese Medicine, Fall is associated with metal and with the lungs. Lungs of course are good for breathing, but more recent discoveries show that lungs also make blood (makes sense with the metal element: think iron). Blood circulates through our bodies and gets re-oxygenated and this is a very invigorating process. Blood also travels into the depths of our hearts and we bleed red -- the color of passion and desire. This week of a powerful New Moon in the beginning, and Equinox at the end, is truly a breath of fresh air. Take it all in and allow yourself to grow and flourish in health and hardiness. We are not plants, we can easily move and shift in new directions, so see where your focus takes you as you gaze far out into the horizon and let your heart aim you on the path of the passionate desires that call you home. Your Twin Flame is always right there beside you each tender step of the way to your heart of hearts.


My Twin Flame Oracle Card video below provides further details and insight into this week's reading ~ Enjoy:

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