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PISCES FULL MOON ~ TWIN FLAME Romance Astrology & Oracle Card Reading Week of September 4th, 201

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"While Eckhart was ostracized from the Church for his mystical sermons, Saint Teresa was instructed by her superiors to write a book about her mystical experiences during prayer, which was intended to be an instruction manual for her fellow nuns. As a consequence, we see her interpreting her experiences of union in the conventional theological framework of her time.

Her spiritual experiences are scattered throughout her works, but some of her most lyrical descriptions are concentrated in her book Interior Castle, which recount her vision of a beautiful diamond or clear crystal globe that is shaped like a castle and represents the soul. Inside the castle are seven mansions, the innermost containing the 'King.' This mansion is a cloud of the greatest brightness where a 'Spiritual Marriage' with God is as if 'the ends of two wax candles were joined so that the light they give is one.' Saint Teresa believed that joining of lights was within the reach of all her 'daughters.' "

~ Kevin Nelson, M.D. The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain: A Neurologist's Search for the God Experience

The fish swimming in the depths of your emotional subconscious are here and clear as the week tips off -- Pisces in the house! First There is a Sun-Neptune opposition with Neptune in Pisces, summoning us to go into the brink of the deepest depths within our dream world. Here you might find hidden fears exposed in ways that are actually quite manageable with the grace of God always there to love you and see you through to the other side of that fear. You'll wonder why it was so scary to begin with while you remain in that state of self love and surrender to the moment of right now.

As Seven of Air points out: "More going on than meets the eye." It isn't about worrying about when you are doing what and if it is the wrong or right thing to do, but rather about looking below the surface at the deeper content and allowing the emotional streams within you to just flow where they will. When you block a stream, the same amount of pressure remains, it just gets redirected or blocked. Imagine the currents of your deepest ocean simply being and perhaps meditate on that and see if your visions or dreams yield a fear that need not exist nor inform your actions.

On Tuesday/Wednesday the Pisces energy is strong with the Full Moon. Notice where you light up inside during this time, and don't be shy to love you and your Twin Flame in this space of pure light, where two flames shine one immaculate light forth. It may seem that you and your Twin Flame are coming from opposite sides of the spectrum; they represent untouched territory for you. The two of you together in Harmonious Union reflects your ability to truly give and receive Divine love unconditionally from everywhere within -- and also in the natural world surrounding you -- as it is revealed to you.

Archangel Haniel can naturally lead you to the emotional and spiritual teachings that you're higher self is calling out for at this time. Do not underestimate the power of your sacred emotions, they will guide you to the whispers of desire embedded in your heart. Today in the library, I walked directly to the section, without any signs other than "non-fiction" or having been there before, where all the books on God and Angels are. It was a really lovely moment to feel myself naturally attracted to the outer space I felt within. This is a great time to not only listen and recognize your true desires of union, but to love them for the unparalleled beauty they hold.

By Thursday the Moon is in Aries, the fire of desire is fierce in a totally peaceful way. It is time to really drop our insecurities and confidently stand in our place of power. If others or our circumstances provide a challenge to us, and perhaps question why in the world we are so dedicated to our Twin Flame path of Harmonious Union, the answer is just as the rainbow feathered dragon in the last card would suggest. Expressing yourself from a place of high vibe genuine confidence is all that is required. The oceanic picture of emotional love painted earlier this week ripples our surface with sparkles and becomes comforting as upheaval naturally brings us to a higher state of loving awareness.

We stand in majestic gratitude for the possibilities before us that may once upon a time have seemed impossible to attain. We can thank our sacred spiritual teachers, our Twin Flames, for activating us to feel into our current situation with passionate delight.

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