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Romance Oracle Card Reading for Twin Flames: Week of August 27th, 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"In early spring, 'when the shade run,' according to tradition, Shadblow bursts into flower upon the naked wood, before the leaves appear or when the foliage is still just budding out and covered with silvery down. the contrast, then, of the long, delicate white petals with the bright red of the scales that hang from the flower stalks is vivid, and no daintier flowers than these, in their season, star the forest aisles."

-Donald Culross Peattie, A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America

This week starts off taking us into some shady places within, kind of like reverberation echoing further into those places that call our attention to overturn and heal. It might feel difficult in the moment, but it passes to reveal where we have actually gained a profound and secure ability to overcome triggering upsets that are interpersonal in nature. We overcome with love, and this love that we have given to ourselves, to God, and to our Twin Flames naturally is foundational in quickly resolving discontentment with another, no matter where it stems from or how deep its roots have been in the past. It is akin to practicing toward a difficult yoga pose for years, just for the love of yoga, and one day being able to go into the pose and stay breathing in calm love with the challenge. The practice and endurance really do pay off and we find a new center of mastery within us. Our victory shines through us in love, never in harm or egoic practices. We are seen in a new light because we are shining within so we create cheerful prisms in and around us.

Your Twin Flame is attracted to rainbows just as you are and when you clear away and compost the energetic gunk, you make it easy for your Twin Flame to find and be magnetized to that rainbow that best matches and complements their own color scheme -- yours! We dismount this week from a long ride and find that no matter what our circumstances appear to be on the outside, our visions of love, peace, and harmony are budding manifestations in process.

With Uranus making a few noteworthy aspects this week, their could be something sudden, unexpected, and fun about the week that comes out of nowhere. The aspect helps stir up all that love within that has been uncovered with the eclipse last week. You might feel emboldened to express yourself to your Twin Flame in new way that is less serious and more fun and reveals more of the real you to yourself and to them! As the week comes to the end it is time to really basque in your glory and enjoy simple pleasures.

We are on the last legs of Mercury retrograde and it is a great time to wrap up projects, reflect on what we've done recently to increase our authenticity in self expression, and take a little extra time to relax and attend to details in an easy going fashion. During this time, you can call upon Archangel Metatron to help you feel the expansion of time, prioritize naturally, and bring creative power to manifestation. Allow yourself to be surprised and expect harmonizing miracles around the corner.

I offer individualized guidance through coaching sessions, astrology and card readings, as well as energetic attunements to Flower Essences and crystals. It is my pleasure to serve you and your beloved Twin Flame. Visit my All Services page for more info.

You can also watch my accompanying Twin Flame Oracle Card video below for further insight into this week's reading

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