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Twin Flames: Oracle Card Reading Week of August 21st, 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"Does this inner voice tell you why you can't do something? Is it because it wouldn't be good enough, perfect enough, so it's no use? If a child of yours proudly showed you a drawing or a poem, would you reject it with so little compassion? Had you ever thought of confronting Saturn and saying, "I know perfectly well why I can't do this, but could you tell me how I could?

This latter transforms because it enlists the cruel judge to help instead of hinder as the Wise Old Man. He's probably been hanging around moping in the psyche for years waiting to be invited! It comes as such a surprise to find out that one's worst enemy can also become one's best friend."

~Alice O. Howell, Jungian Symbolism in Astrology

This week started out with a crazy amount of energy from the solar eclipse. Whether you saw it or not, you probably felt fired and opened up within yourself and surging with creative energy. We may have reconnected with or expanded on a holy feeling deep inside of us, a place where we easily harmonize with our Twin Flames. Being reminded of this ever-expansive harmonizing love is comforting, but it also can help you take the desire for your Twin Flame to the next level. Enjoying the frequency of love is not something to save for special occasions or tuck away where you can secretly find it if need be. It is the totality of your entire being and the entirety of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

This is a very healing time, but also one where core old wounds come to surface, and offer themselves up to your healing powers. With God overseeing and the Angels and guides beside you, you can do a tremendous amount of transformative spiritual work this week, which does not necessarily require time, it only requires that you truly believe in the real you enough to dedicate yourself completely to this self that enchants and enlightens you; believe in the enchanting life of you and your Twin Flame as one and fill this space with light. You can only share light where you are lit. Even if you are a little worn out, or unsure how to share your love and gifts with the world, you will always be provided the energy to do so when you make the choice to share the very best of what you have to offer with everyone, and definitely with your Twin Flame.

You may have noticed, if you watched my Oracle Card Reading video for this week (below) that I didn't mention much about Twin Flames. I didn't realize this until after the video was made, and I meditated on that. What I get is that many are doing a great job, as Saturn comes out of retrograde the end of the week, of tuning into your purpose here in this lifetime with direction and love, but you may be a little tunnel visioned -- as this card would suggest.

Yes doing your inner work is of the utmost importance, and yet you are being called to include the twin flame within you and, perhaps outwardly, in every act of your will. This doesn't mean trying to telepathically communicate with your twin in your headspace, or if you are with them having them help you decide every article of clothing to wear today (unless you truly enjoy doing that together in the moment). It's more like a feeling of oneness, expanded with pure love to include your divine complement. This can help balance decision making and give you insight on communicating with your Twin Flame! It can also shed more light onto untapped potential within you, places where your gifts to this world have been dormant for some time. You may realize that hidden within what you were numbing out to, or agitated by, is actually one of your greatest assets.

As the week draws to a close it becomes easier to connect all of the healing and steps you've taken to change your life to align with your highest good in the last few months, since Saturn went Retrograde in April, into a bigger picture. You have simultaneously dove into the picture and have a bird's eye view. The beautiful pieces you've been lovingly carving show themselves, fitting together with perfection; there is an experienced magnificence to further accepting your heart as your motivator to guide your actions. With this light, you may also feel easily guided to actively light up this space for your Twin Flame, and perhaps find a new angle where you can love them both in your heart and outwardly.

This week could be likened to a spiritual spa. Imagine you are adorned in a white robe, ready for whatever treatment awaits you. It might be incredibly pleasant at times, invigorating, and then there is the detox/extraction go deep to get at the stuff that must come to the surface to be released. Stay in that spiritual spa space of bliss even if things get temporarily uncomfortable to feel. The discomforts will pass, will give you parts of your forgotten self to mirror and love, and you'll come out glowing and attuned to Harmonious Twin Flame Union consciousness in a whole new way.

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You can also watch my accompanying Twin Flame Oracle Card video below for further insight into this week's reading

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