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Reading Reveal


Chakra & Astro Energy Reading


1: Heart Chakra

I love that the first card is love!  If you chose 1, you're supporting the highest consciousness of the Twin Flame community right now through all the inner work you are doing whether you are aware of it or not.  Giving and receiving are one and the same and in smoothing out this process within yourself you are also enjoying the deep attraction of your Twin Flame in a new way as a result.  Keep going within and demonstrating to others how to truly love yourself.  Cosmically,  the heart chakra is associated with Venus and as this picture illustrates right now is all about surrendering fully to the process of self-love.  Let God show you how to love every facet of yourself completely.

2: Sacral Chakra

It is time to open up and allow creativity to flow throughout your entire being.  Beauty is within you, not outside of you.  Everything in your reality that catches your eye reflects a feeling within.  Let God romance you to your very core and enjoy this colorful way of living.  Cosmically, Jupiter is associated with the sacral chakra: Jupiter is expansive, seeking spiritual truth through beauty and deeply enjoying an abundant life.  It's a perfect time to reflect on these desires in yourself with Jupiter retrograding in Sagittarius.


3: Earth Star Chakra

Nurturing yourself right now will help you with cultivating more peaceful closeness with all that is near and dear to you.  It can also help you ground into Earth in a way that is easy and delightful.  Cosmically, Chiron --known as the wounded healer stations retrograde today.  When you nurture yourself you can go within to heal your core blocks all the way at the root.

4: Heart Chakra

On the other side of bitterness and many other unsavory feelings is sweet forgiveness.  Have you ever heard the idiom Green with Envy?  Well, the heart chakra is green too, when you let go of comparison all the love that the energy of that thought was taking can return and expand in the thrown of your heart.  Abundance is meant to be yours and it is also meant for everyone.  When you forgive, you truly are choosing love and ultimately forgiving yourself.  Cosmically, Venus is associated with the heart and in Cancer it highlights that letting go of past resentment can only serve you to help you feel completely at home both outwardly and in your heart.


5: Third Eye Chakra

You are doing excellent work with surrendering to the Divine!  Enjoy the crystal clarity that is provided to you through the deep peace you are cultivating within.  This is your birthright.  Cosmically, you might enjoy some extra sunlight by day and moonlight at night right now.  The Libra moon provides balancing energy and gives a shiny new feeling to your identity as your Twin Flame's Divine romantic partner.

6: Soul Star Chakra

Open up to the infinite wisdom given freely to you by God.  If you are feeling pressure in your head, allow it to release so that the old can leave and the new can enter to help you with bringing ideas in your heart fully into reality for everyone to enjoy.  Cosmically, pay attention to Mercury, which invites you to communicate with the Divine.  Mercury just went retrograde and this is a fabulous time to surrender the solutions to your problems completely so that you can receive the masterful solution that God has intended for you.


7: Third Eye Chakra

I always love pulling this card as it highlights the importance of DREAMS for you right now.  No need to overanalyze, but pay attention to the feelings behind your dreams right now and any significant symbolism as well.  Know that your feelings and spiritual achievements revealed in dreams are not separate from your waking life.  Cosmically, Neptune, the higher octave of Venus is associated with dreaminess.  Feel into what your Twin Flame is revealing to you in your heart through dreaming.

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